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The partnership to build revIVve was born out of passion for helping others and drive to make a difference in people's lives. Utilizing IV Therapy for themselves and their loved ones, we have found it to be an invaluable addition to a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by the evolution of preventative care, your revIVe is committed to being part of your healthier, happier future.

Your revIVe team is built on over 20 years of nursing experience encompassing a wide array of hospital experience.  Having treated patients within the medical, surgical, plastics, and burn units, each team member brings valuable knowledge to our revIVe customer base.  Amber, Michelle, and Alina bonded over a common love of patient care, program advancement, and the advancement of healthcare as a whole. Your revIVe team has presented at national conventions within burn and wound care based on their program development and dedication to the advancement of patient care.


At revIVe, we believe that the only true healer of the body is the body itself.  Our mission is to provide quality nutrients and vitamins to support and strengthen the body, therefore, enhance your quality of life.  Our unique blends are tailored to fit any lifestyle, health, and wellness needs.  We are here to make you happier and healthier, regardless of what that may mean for you.


To provide hydration and wellness services to maximize overall wellness with vitamin and nutrient supplementation

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