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Custom Infusion Blends

Ultimate Beauty Enhancement Infusion for glowing skin, hair and skin growth.  Enriched with high doses of b-vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, and biotin

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Weight Loss Infusion utilize high dose vitamins to assist your body in your weight loss journey.  Supporting your body, mind, and energy

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Ultimate Performance to energize an active lifestyle with vital amino acids, b-vitamins, zinc and magnesium

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Boost your overall health and wellness with a vitamin infusion. Don't wait until your body is suffering, stay revived and energized with our most popular infusion!

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Ultimate hangover cure - Don't suffer alone!
Vitamins, hydration, and pain relievers help you overcome a fun night out.

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Boost your immunity or recover from an illness with an infusion with b-vitamins, gluthathione, vitamin c

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid Infusions reduce the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress on the body reducing the signs of aging

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NAD therapy is a coenzyme utilized by the body for powerful functions -   encouraging health cell growth

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